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Living Democracy Trainer Course

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About This Course

This online course will help you to understand key elements of democratic citizenship and human rights. You will learn about basic elements of politics and democracy, refine your own understanding and respective knowledge and analyze the understanding of politics and democracy in your professional and private environment. Over the course you will share your insights with your learning group and your tutors.

The course addresses teachers, principals, parents, inspectors and administors.


Interest on key questions about «Educating for Democracy (EDC)» and «Human Rights Education (HRE) for Teachers». You should be able to work for seven weeks with a workload of total between 20 and 35 hours.

Course Staff

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Prof. Dr. Rolf Gollob

Rolf Gollob, Prof. Dr. h.c. (*1955), was a primary school teacher before studying ethnology and journalism at Zurich University. After obtaining his Master's degree he concentrated on ethnological research and later went on to become a lecturer at Zurich University of Teacher Education. He has worked there as a lecturer for fifteen years now, focusing his efforts on civic education and intercultural pedagogy. Since 1996 he has travelled frequently to South-East Europe as an expert in human rights and civic education for the Council of Europe. He lives with his wife and four children in Männedorf near Zurich. In the IPE he is mainly responsible for the acquisition and realisation of projects.

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Gregory Turkawka

Responsible for digital learning objects in teachers education. Conception and production of online learning environments. Advanced professional training of principals.

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